4th annual Dancers Choice
International Swing Hall of Fame
Your online nominations & voting!

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You decide who gets in Hall of Fame
(amazing glass trophies from 2008 & 2009 by Shannon of GirlGlass.com)!

Here is why:

  • There is no International Swing Hall of Fame; until now!
  • There is no Dancers Choice voting for ANY existing Hall of Fame; until now!
  • Nominations will close on New Years Eve. (Nominations will remain public and voting will start on January 1st)
  • Voting ends February 1st.
  • Categories to vote in online:

    1. Most notable POSTHUMOUS SWING CREATOR award: A deceased Master ('old timer') who danced in the 1920-1940's swing era!

    2. Most notable SWING CREATOR: A living Master ('old timer') who danced in the 1920-1940's swing era documented in film, print... etc!

    3. Most notable INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTOR: This can be any Joe or Jane Blow, to a historian, or to any organizer in swing; it doesn't have to be a teacher or champion!

    4. INTERNATIONALLY KNOWN most INSPIRATIONAL MALE DANCER: a male swing dancer who has inspired you with their dancing!

    5. INTERNATIONALLY known most INSPIRATIONAL FEMALE DANCER: a female dancer who has inspired you with their dancing!

    6. INTERNATIONALLY KNOWN most INSPIRATIONAL Male & Female TEACHER(s): a teacher or teachers who has inspired us or made a substantial change in the swing dancing community!


    8. INTERNATIONALLY KNOWN best Swing Dance Band:
    Vote (your nominations ended Feb. 1st) for INTERNATIONALLY KNOWN best Swing Dance Band!

    9. NEW CATAGORY FOR 2011
    Favorite Scene for dancing!

    Add additional nomination Categories for 2010:
    Favorite competition,
    Favorite DJ,
    Favorite movie featuring swing dancing,
    Favorite social dance Follow,
    Favorite social dance Lead,
    Favorite 'SWING' Dance "Step",

    Favorite Team,
    Favorite Venue,
    Most notable aerialist!




Most notable
2010 The Nicholas Brothers
2009 Frankie Manning
2008 Shorty George Snowden


Most notable SWING CREATOR
2010 Dawn Hampton
2009 Norma Miller
2008 Frankie Manning


2010 Peter Loggins
2009 Frankie Manning
2008 Jonathan Bixby & Sylvia Sykes


2010 Skye Humphries
2009 Frankie Manning
2008 Nick Williams


2010 Nina Gilkenson
2009 Carla Heiney
2008 Frida Segerdahl


Most notable
2010 Ryan & Jenny
2009 Skye Humphries
2008 Sylvia Sykes


Most notable
2010 Ryan Francois
2009 Frankie Manning
2008 Carla Heiney


Most notable Swing Band
2010 Boilermaker Jazz Band
2009 George Gee
and his Make-Believe Orchestra

Most notable Swing Dance Event
2010 Camp Hollywood


New category winner for 2010:
Favorite Scene to dance in (USA or Internationally)


A hall of fame (sometimes HOF) is a type of museum established for any a field of endeavor to honor individuals of noteworthy achievement in that field. In some cases, these halls of fame consist of actual halls or museums which enshrine the honorees with sculptures, plaques, and displays of memorabilia. In other cases, the hall of fame is more figurative, and simply consists of a list of names of noteworthy individuals maintained by an organization or community.

"...This is a neat idea!"
~ Susan from MinnesotaLindy.com

"This is a great idea..."
~ Rebecca, SwingTalk.com
San Francisco, CA


The Plan is to have a Hall of Fame will actually be a place to visit housed at Live Art Gallery, 151 Potrero Ave. in San Francisco, California!

One plan was to have the Hall of Fame book (with all nominees and awardees) will travel with the North American Open to your city in;

Nominate your event to house the 2009 North American Open with International Hall of Fame Awards at your event: Organizers we will host the Championships and Awards Ceremony at your Festival with no additional work for you; Contact us by email or phone for more details. If you were nominated for 2008 but weren't in 2009 it is because no one seconded your nomination for 2009.

Post this along to other dance boards but let us know where you posted it so we can keep track of the nominations.
Email: sfbalfest@yahoo.com
or Call: 415-305-8242